A Call for Ambitious Digital Health Startups

Jun 28 · 3 minutes

Over the last year, Kilo Health invested over 2 million euros into healthtech startups Medical Score, Tyler.Health, Pulsetto, and Revolab. That was just the beginning. Today, we are officially launching our new investment program Kilo Ventures to help startups scale and accelerate their products. 

The essence of the Kilo Ventures

Usually, when venture capital (VC) firms provide funding, they have very high expectations right off the bat. They want to see fast results but do not provide any real support. 

And most small companies with recently established products need real guidance. They might not have enough resources, proven strategies, or scaling experience. Also, they do now know how to market their product effectively or launch it in a new market.

We provide both the capital and the resources that will help you succeed, including: 

  • Knowledge of how to enter the market and scale in it faster
  • Solid systems, staff, process, and technology
  • Revenue growth, operations, strategy, branding, marketing
  • Business growth strategy and a proper monetization model 

Also, similar startup accelerators offer help only for a short time, usually between 3 months and 1 year. Kilo Health wants to become a key partner, build a long-lasting relationship with your company, and support you throughout the journey.

Kilo Health as a strategic partner

In 2022, the Financial Times named Kilo Health the 2nd fastest-growing company in Europe. Today, we are managing 15+ digital health and wellness startups that are successfully helping people in the US and other countries across the globe.

We have our in-house marketing agency, a solid R&D department, and 600+ experts, including medical nutrition team, dietitians, and doctors. During the 8 years of launching new products in the US and Europe, we have tested many growth and monetization strategies and found the ones that work best.

One of our keys to success is a hunger for innovation and a strong desire to help people facing health problems.  

Why are we looking for new partnerships?

From our experience, building a new product or app from scratch might take up to about a year. We are looking to acquire or become a partner with established products and to skip the product development part. We want to focus on helping you accelerate your business growth. 

Our goal is to find the best partner we can help reach a 6-figure business by the end of this year.

Kilo Ventures program or the co-founding incubator?

The Kilo Ventures program targets different stage companies than our co-founding program. For this opportunity, you must have an already well-established product, a registered company, and some active users.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are an early-stage or late-stage startup in the digital health and wellness industry.
  • You want to have a partner that not only invests in your startup but also provides you with full support, know-how, and resources.
  • You seek to get someone who works as a team and shares the responsibilities for your goals.
  • You want to work with experts with deep industry knowledge in launching global products with relevant user behavioral data.
  • You are tired of pitching multiple investors and seek to work with one partner. 
  • You seek help and know-how for scaling your product as fast as possible.
  • You want access to fully dedicated teams of tech, marketing, creative, and product specialists.
Kilo Grupe and Kilo Health visual of which opportunity is a better fit.

How can you get investment for your startup?

The main goal of the Kilo Ventures program is to find companies with which we can become strategic partners. 

How can you apply?

Contact us by email or fill in the form with the attached pitch deck and link to the product. We can’t wait to meet you!

Goda Mikocionyte
Program Manager at Kilo Ventures
Market analyst helping startups reach their full potential quicker. Her constant thirst for knowledge leads her to push her limits on different grounds, including tennis, meditation, and jogging.

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