4 Ways Startups Can Draw Inspiration From Hollywood 

Jun 14
Kilo Heroes

Lighting, sound, set, and actors are essential components of a film studio, but they are not the sole factors that define its success. 

Consistent creativity, appreciation of talent, and adaptability to market trends are a few of the things that serve as the foundation of Hollywood. They’re also important for us at Kilo Health.

As our CEO, Tadas Burgaila, mentioned at the TechChill conference in Latvia – every entrepreneur can draw inspiration from Hollywood to create a shared infrastructure for executing startup ideas.

This inspired me to come up with 4 ways we do so in Kilo Health.

Embrace the culture of creativity

One of those days, when my mind was just wandering off, I started thinking about what it actually takes to create a movie. You know, the things that often trip up creators and leave them feeling stuck. I wondered, can you make a movie with just one original idea?

After doing a bit of research, it hit me that you need way more creative ideas than I first thought. Contrary to what most people think, it’s not just about coming up with a concept. It’s about being able to test the idea, find the right angle, and connect several completely different concepts to find a unique approach. 

Just think about all the Disney movies that work for both children and parents. Zootopia is an adventure of jolly animals (and inequality), Inside Out is about helping a little girl feel better (and dealing with complex emotions), and Encanto is a movie about finding your voice (and also generational trauma).

And if you were wondering why I know all this – yes, I do have a toddler. 

Overall, this has revealed some significant insights into the culture of creativity.

Like in Hollywood, creativity within a startup studio drives the development of unique concepts that can disrupt existing markets or create entirely new ones. Here at Kilo Health, we want to do exactly that: create an infrastructure for entrepreneurs where they can unleash their creativity, learn from others, and innovate with less risk. 

You are probably tired of the saying, “Think outside the box.” And you can choose never to allow this overused phrase to slip from your mouth, but you should keep it in mind. 

Think outside the box, think inside the box, play with it, break it down, and think about what you can do with its pieces. You can create something out of the box when you know it inside out.

By empowering your people to explore new ideas and make calculated decisions, you create an environment where being bold and creative gives you, as a team member, some extra “points” or extra ideas for the plot of your movie.

Freedom of mind is what can bring success to your startup.

Creativity is a skill and often goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Use your creative energy in creating your product and system. 

You will uncover additional angles and avenues for growth, ultimately leading to a sustainable and scalable startup. Embrace the culture of creative thinking to differentiate your venture in the market.

Use storytelling to craft a compelling story around your startup idea

I’m starting a business. But where do I start?

When entering the world of entrepreneurship, you may fear uncertainty, failing, missing something important, or being unsustainable. 

Alongside these concerns, you might also lack a clear understanding of how to capture the attention of investors, just like Hollywood movies captivate their audiences.

While there might be several approaches to achieving this, I say – start with telling a great story.

You use storytelling in that you take your startup idea and craft a compelling story around it, highlighting the value and impact of your startup.

Kilo Health tells a story of creative people and the intertwining of technology and wellness to create a brighter and healthier future. As talent seekers, we can say that the compelling stories of startups grab our attention and kindle our interest in investing.

Success in business is all about the people behind it, and you cannot know the person if you don’t know their story. If you hire the right growth-focused people and focus on building a strong community – you are halfway to success.

The lesson here is that it’s the ability to craft an engaging and inspiring story right from the start that sets new companies apart and makes them grab your attention the same way your favorite movie does.

Take lessons from Hollywood franchises

James Bond, The Lord of The Rings – how did they stand the test of time? They aren’t probably revealing all of their magical secrets, but there are a few key factors that are apparent and contribute to their long-lasting success.

James Bond focuses on carrying out dangerous missions, thrilling adventures, and charming those around him. You never know what you can expect from this distinguished gentleman, but you always know what to expect from the franchise. 

The Lord of The Rings includes a richly detailed and immersive story, relatable characters, timeless themes and messages, cultural impact, emotional connection, and so on.

What can you take away from this?

Let’s start with brand consistency. This means ensuring that the way you present your startup and its message remains consistent across all of your marketing channels.

Hence, you create a clear and unified image and distribute it consistently to your entire audience without adding or including any irrelevant parts. This might sound simple, but it requires teamwork and communication among all parts of your organization.

Another valuable lesson that startups can learn from their favorite franchises is the art of engaging their audience. 

The most famous franchises foster a profound sense of community and emotional connection among fans. 

They organize fan events and conventions, engage with their audience through social media, and create theme parks, escape rooms, and other interactive experiences.

Most importantly, long-standing franchises have cultivated a multi-generational fan base. 

What I mean is that you might end up passing on your love for Harry Potter to your children, initially giving them a headache with your enthusiasm but eventually sparking their interest and turning them into fans, too.

Startups can draw inspiration from this and recognize the significance of creating customer experiences that extend beyond mere products or services.

And finally, there’s continuous growth. To make a bunch of movies, you need a lot of ideas, plot twists, endings, and cool concepts so that each new movie can top the previous one.

As for your startup, be innovative, grow, and take on new challenges that could expand your organization and bring your product to the next level. Nothing good comes from staying in the same place forever. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Once you feel comfortable in your startup and notice the first signs of success (positive cash flow, an established team, vision, etc.), you might want to stay in the safe zone to not “mess it up.”

You think to yourself – well, as long as I feel comfortable sitting on my couch curled up in a warm blanket that smells like my mother’s cookies, I don’t need anything else.

However, this way of thinking can limit your possibilities. And let’s be real, who wants to be a bland old couch potato?

Again, look back at Hollywood. 

There are some movies that you forget immediately after watching (can’t name any because I forgot about them) or remind you of something you already saw somewhere (the romantic comedies with those predictable plot twists or those classic horror movies where an unsuspecting family moves into a gorgeous yet eerily affordable house in the countryside, only to discover it’s haunted).

But once in a while, a new movie emerges, and it feels like a breath of fresh air – and what these movies have in common is that they rethink the genre and bring a new spin to it. It’s nothing you’ve ever seen before, it’s different, it’s weird, and you think about it for a long time after leaving the cinema.

Taking risks is essential for achieving success. As a testament to this, Kilo Health has experienced remarkable growth, going from 7 to 700+ talents in 3 years. Also, in 2022, our revenue was $270 million, and we currently have over 30 products.

It doesn’t stop there, as we have a goal for this year to develop additional 12 products.

Remembering all of this, trying something you’ve never done before can go in different directions, but what truly matters is having the courage to step outside the norm and dare to do something different.

Always had a dream of creating or leading the next successful digital health product? Let us help. Click here to find out about how you can co-found with Kilo Health.

Vilius Cesnauskas
Vilius is an empathetic, down-to-earth person who has taken up the role of Chief Business Development Officer at Kilo Health. He has a background in organizational psychology and extensive experience in leadership development, organizational design, and transformation within the tech industry.

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