Following Your Gut: How to Avoid the Startup Graveyard

Aug 11
Kilo Heroes

There’s no enchanting tale behind how I became a part of Kilo Health. In truth, some of us regular folks simply have regular journeys, and that’s perfectly fine. What counts is that today, I hold a successful product in my hands – Bioma

Before stepping into the role of a co-founder in the realm of probiotic supplements, I was a medical doctor and Head of Medical Affairs at Kilo Health. So, my path might differ a bit from that of my fellow co-founders.

This transition naturally brings me to the co-founding space, a place where I can offer some intriguing insights.

So, gather around, and let’s jump right in.

I always wanted to hold the wheel

Let me start by saying that even when I was in medical research, I always had a dream of being the one to give directions or “steer the ship,” so to speak. 

Naturally, there will always be people who are higher, better, and wiser, as you can’t attain god-like status overnight. However, you can certainly strive for greater autonomy in your work.

And extra cash helps, too, of course.

What followed was me giving dozens of presentations and pitching my idea to investors. I needed to demonstrate the value of my ideas, and over time, I proved that I could be the one to generate profits for them.

And they had faith in me. This is one of the most basic yet crucial aspects of co-founding a product: having people believe in you.

I had quite a few ideas on my plate, including apps and supplements. And guess what? Bioma came out on top. It’s important to consider: which of your ideas has a solid foundation in reality?

I closely examined the market. Probiotics were, and maybe still are, a trend, but they had a strong foothold among users and scientists. To put it simply, it was a strategic market opportunity. Nothing too personal.

Interesting things about Bioma

I incorporated these probiotics into my daily routine. Because let’s face it, when you’re running a business and aiming for its success, you need to take care of yourself too. 

You need to nurture your body to have the sharpest mind and the best mental health possible.

This is how you hire the best people, find common ground with others, think of the best solutions, and experience happiness.

Getting back to Bioma, what I find interesting is that it has a few unique effects that some people may experience. For instance, you might crave foods you’ve never liked before, especially if you used to eat a lot of junk food. This could include foods like beets, for example.

Here’s another thing: when you’re craving stuff like pizza, chips, or ice cream – don’t blame yourself; it’s the bacteria inside you playing tricks. With Bioma, however, you start wanting these things with more awareness, figuring out if it’s stress or something else driving the cravings.

So, you’re aiming for less junk, and even if you do get a longing, you know why right off the bat.

Plus, Bioma doesn’t just load you up with probiotics and good gut bacteria. We aim to cultivate and nurture the healthy gut microbiome that people already possess within them. This is where we set ourselves apart from others on the market.

And our formula is designed to do just that.

Ask for advice, but validate the information before following it

I had been working as Head of Medical Affairs at Kilo Health for some time, and when I decided to be a part of the Co-found Program, what really stood out to me was how refreshingly straightforward everything was, from the feedback to the basic communication. They provide you with all the necessary resources, essentially gearing you up for your journey of product development or leadership.

You encounter some hurdles while building your team and exploring potential paths. You also consider whether there are alternative routes to take if the one you’re currently on starts showing too many gaps.

Everyone goes through this. However, the startup graveyard is larger than the number of businesses that are thriving, which really makes you think.

I believe one of the reasons is that people blindly follow someone else’s instructions and opinions, even though they’re given the freedom to pursue their own agenda. You’re the one who is most passionate about bringing this idea to life. You need to have confidence in your own judgment.

In simpler terms, it’s important to hear people out, but that doesn’t always mean you should take their advice to heart.

People come from various backgrounds and view things from different perspectives. No one will ever be able to look at your business as closely and as intimately as you do.

Taking that into consideration, perhaps you found some common ground with me? If so, I recommend you take a look at our Co-found Program. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one giving advice in the future.

Kasparas Aleknavicius
CEO of Bioma at Kilo Health
Medical doctor turned health futurist who finds joy in chess, jogging, and open-fire cooking.

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