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In 2023, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Here’s what we are up to in 2024.

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Apr 3, 2024
Internal Career: Why It Benefits Both Employees and Employers?
Internal career development opportunities are increasingly recognized as one of the most valuable benefits for employees. In fact, 62% of Learning and Development (L&D) professionals state that they are prioritizing internal mobility in 2024.
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Feb 22, 2024
Making a Marketing Breakthrough: How Kilo Health Co-found Will Get You There
After the trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgent need for digital wellness tools has led to a boom in the telemedicine and HealthTech market. Today, this market continues to expand, and there’s no sign of it stopping yet.
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Feb 21, 2024
As we enter the year 2024, the realm of nutrition trends is poised to undergo significant developments, placing particular attention on diverse subjects, with gut health emerging as a prominent focus.
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Feb 10, 2024
Investment uncertainty: How to know which product to crowfund?
Even though crowdfunding is a relatively old type of fundraising, the modern version of it possibly dates back to 1997 when the British rock band Marillion invited their fans to chip in for their next tour.
Digital Journal
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Feb 8, 2024
Expert Insights into Digital Success for 2024: Emotion, Innovation and Intention
As technology moves forward and the preferences of people change, 2024 seems ready to set new ideas about success. Will creating new digital products be easier? What do startups need to keep in mind?
New York Weekly
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Jan 31, 2024
Is Your Health Startup Stuck? Co-found with Kilo Health and Break Through
From building a portfolio of more than 30 products to becoming the second fastest-growing company in Europe, Kilo Health has certainly seen its fair share of success in terms of digital health and wellness. To help others break into this worldwide market, which is projected to reach a volume of $275 billion by 2028, the global giants are encouraging enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join their Co-found Program.
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About Kilo Health

Kilo Health is a digital health and wellness company that offers over 30 products for 6.5+ million users worldwide. Today, it has 600+ teammates, hubs across 5 European cities, and runs a startup accelerator. Founded in 2013 with a mission to innovate digital healthcare.

Portfolio suite

Personal mental health app assistant based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator to decrease stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Daily routine tracker and habit-building app based on behavioral therapy.

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Our products are backed by renowned experts in their fields. Think the Steve Jobs' of the world.

Paulius Bakučionis

Head of Payments

Vilius Česnauskas

Chief Business Development Officer

Tadas Burgaila

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Ilona Bernotaitė

Chief People Officer

Kristina Žalnieraitė

Head of Nutrition & Wellness

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