Learning and development programs at Kilo Health

Growth is our mantra

To us, learning and development isn’t just a box you tick. It's an embedded part of who we are and what we do.
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Leadership programs

your career

We want you to outgrow your role and become the best in your field. Craft your career however you like – as long as you grow, we are here to support you.


We focus a lot on encouraging continuous development – presenting you with all the opportunities to learn on the job and grow together from the get-go.


Our teams are full of top-level professionals – some of which are part of the mentorship program. Within this program, you and your mentor have one-on-one mentoring sessions based on a structure you both decide is the most comfortable. Ask questions, learn, and grow.

If you need one-off advice, contact the specialist you wish to talk to, find a time slot in their calendar, and schedule a short knowledge-sharing session. Knowledge is power, and we’re all here to share it.


Keen to boost your knowledge and skill set? Kilo Luniversity is here to help you embrace a culture of growth and explore valuable internal learning opportunities.

Here, our employees can enroll in various carefully crafted courses—online and live—covering topics such as feedback, well-being, self-efficacy, design thinking, and many more.

The courses are driven by knowledge sharing, with most being led by our devoted employees. If you are passionate about a topic, you can also step into the role of a Kilo Luniversity trainer. Additionally, we offer courses by external experts and coaching sessions.


The L&D rundown

Once you join the Kilo Health team full-time, we’ll shower you with knowledge perks.


Grow and develop your soft skills with courses, books, and personal training.


Get mentorship from in-house and external professionals for both your soft and hard skills.

Leadership training

Become the leader every team needs with leader mentorship in your chosen areas.

Team training

Build your team, grow, and train competencies together as a team activity.


Learn as a trainer-to-be and effectively share that information with your peers.

Additional resources

Go to conferences, request any courses, books, tools – you name it, we’ll cover it.

Surrounded by experts

Our products are led by renowned experts in their fields. Think of the Steve Jobs' of the world.

Paulius Bakučionis

Head of Payments

Erika Braukylienė

Head of Business Unit

Vitalijus Majorovas

Head of Business Unit

Mantas Kondratavičius

Head of Business Unit

Toms Zālmanis

Head of Category

Viktorija Jokantaitė-Kutkė

Head of Business Unit

Kasparas Aleknavičius MD

Head of Business Unit

Philip Bennett

Director of Engineering for Digital Wellness

Raimund Juralovic

Chief Financial Officer

Vilius Česnauskas

Chief Business Development Officer

Tadas Burgaila

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Lina Jasaitė

Managing Director

Tadas Langaitis

Board Member

Rita Janušauskaitė

Chief Operations Officer

Ilona Bernotaitė

Chief People Officer

Mantas Butkus

Head of Business Unit

Kristina Žalnieraitė

Head of Nutrition & Wellness

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