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We’re one of the leading digital health and wellness companies globally, attracting talents to join our fast-growing team by co-founding and accelerating startups in a rapidly growing digital health industry.

With 4+ million customers worldwide, majority of which are in the United States, strong technology, and a digital marketing platform, Kilo Health provides unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurial talents and visionaries to build digital health products of the future.

Years of industry experience
B2B programs
4 M+
Active customers
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Digital Therapeutics,

mHealth and AI

The future is HealthTech. Our products are focused on delivering fully digitalized healthcare with the newest technological developments on the market. With AI, IoT, VR, and hundreds of other challenging tech infrastructures, we’re set on producing the most seamless digital healthcare solutions.

Working business

to business

To deliver the best digital healthcare, Kilo Health has launched a business-to-business platform for companies looking to boost employee focus, motivation, and happiness.


Heart health

Help employees manage cholesterol and hypertension the smart way.

Diabetes management

Help employees combat and manage diabetes through the power of habit.

Weight management

Help employees maintain a healthy weight with ketogenic, intermittent fasting, and exercise help.

Mental wellness

Help employees manage stress, anxiety, and burnout with cognitive behavioral therapy.


By being part of health communities, we’re gradually pushing for scalable options to deliver digital healthcare for today’s world.

Surrounded by experts

Our products are backed by renowned experts in their fields. Think the Steve Jobs' of the world.

Dmitrij Abolichin

Director of Engineering

Romy Carlson

CCO, Kilo Health for Business

Tadas Burgaila

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Vytautas Krutulis

Co-Founder & Head of Digital Health

Lina Jasaitė

Managing Director

Tadas Langaitis

Chief Financial Officer

Vytautas Šernas

Head of Payments

Donatas Benaitis

Chief Technology Officer

Laimonas Žukas

Chief Operations Officer

Ilona Bernotaitė

Chief People Officer

Džiugas Skrupskelis

Chief Creative Officer

Aušrinė Čebatorė

CEO, Kilo Health for Business

Paulius Mikaliūnas

Head of Products

David Kruse

Head of Business Unit

Justina Kindurytė

Head of Business Unit

Kristijonas Žibutis

Head of Business Unit

Rokas Bakštys

Head of Business Unit

Jurgita Makselytė

Head of Business Unit

Mantas Butkus

Head of Business Unit

Kasparas Aleknavičius MD

Head of Medical Affairs

Kristina Žalnieraitė

Head of Nutrition & Wellness

Deimantas Gudeliūnas

Director of Health Engineering

Vytautas Narkevičius

Director of Core Engineering

Tadas Miniotas

Director of Digital Engineering

Augustas Krasauskas

Director of E-commerce Engineering

Samuel Salzer

Behavioral Strategist

Dainius Jakučionis


Braden G. Barnett MD


Robertas Pranevičius


Gary Scheiner

Diabetes Educator

Diana Isaacs

Diabetes Educator

Ieva Vasionytė


Laura Braziulytė


Selected portfolio suite

Ketogenic lifestyle app — fully designed for ketogenic needs and supportive all the way through.

Personal intermittent fasting assistant that became the #1 App in the Health and Fitness category on the App Store.

Dreaming big

and acting fast

In 2013, we launched one product in a tiny office room with 7 people. Fast forward to today, we're a leading digital health and HealthTech company. Simply put, we’re ambitious and passionate futurists driven by unconventional ideas. Our goal is to fully revolutionize the healthcare industry. Are you in?

Offices in Europe

It’s all about

the people

We’re a culture of controlled chaos. No matter if you’re outgoing or a homebody, there’s always a spot for you on our team. Life at Kilo Health is an experience — we even have our Experience Manager to make sure you find your place in our bunch, whether it’s at our community parties, boardgame, gym, or film-buff clubs.

Work from…


We don’t have a one-desk-fits-all approach — work from wherever feels best. Our headquarters are located in Vilnius, with other offices in Berlin, Kaunas, Kyiv, and Klaipeda, but join us and work from wherever you are in the world.

Learn and grow

If you’re eager to learn, we’re all for it. Get any self-growth or development material you need on demand. Our teams are also full of top-level professionals — find a time slot and schedule a 1-on-1 knowledge-sharing session. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to share it.

Internal career

Develop your talent, no matter your seniority. We encourage everyone to expand their skills and venture into new fields — if you find yourself wanting to change the course of your career, we’ll support and help you find the new perfect spot at Kilo Health!

Our (extra) benefits

A little spoiling never hurt nobody.

Private gym

Train and work out at our private 24/7 office gym at the Vilnius headquarters.

Personal days off

Each year, take 5 extra days off to recharge. Use them whenever you need — no questions asked.

Test out products

Test out and use all of Kilo Health’s products for life.

Private health insurance

Quality healthcare for all of your extra needs.

Workspace perks

Enjoy our (crazy) office spaces, taxi budgets, lunches, surprises, and more.


Heard about Kilo Health from friends or colleagues? Here’s what all the buzz is about.

Selected portfolio suite

Ketogenic lifestyle app — fully designed for ketogenic needs and supportive all the way through.

Personal intermittent fasting assistant that became the #1 App in the Health and Fitness category on the App Store.

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