Beatrice Saldauskaite: Attention-Grabbing Tips and Content Strategy Insights

May 15
Kilo Heroes

Hey there, thanks for finding your way to this blog post. I’m Beatrice, the Marketing Lead of TikTok and Pinterest, but my path wasn’t exactly a straight line.

In fact, I’ve held quite a few positions at Kilo Health and learned some lessons along the way. Ready to join me for some tips and tricks? Let’s do it.

What brought me to social media marketing

I could write an essay about my travels, but let me provide a brief overview of how it all began: After my first year at university, I took the opportunity to participate in the ‘Work and Travel’ program — venturing into a small town in the USA.

Yet, my adventurous spirit wanted even more thrill. So, after graduating, I set out to explore New Zealand for a year, followed by another year in Australia. And let me add that I always search for the best cappuccino and never forget to watch the sunset everywhere I go.

But being in Lithuania, I realized that I would love to use my skills beyond customer service jobs. I craved something more challenging, and I found it here.

However, my path to social media marketing began back at university. I started working in a casting agency, so video formats and visual representation were always close to me. 

Then, while traveling the world, I started posting pictures on social media of my travels — amazing USA national parks, Canadian mountains, and more. I gained a lot of attention, so social media came into the spotlight. Later, I started freelancing with brands and worked in an agency, so it all came together.

After a long way, I am now holding the position of Marketing Lead of TikTok at Kilo Health.

The key aspects of content strategy for social media

While approaching the development of a content strategy for social media platforms, a lot of research and brainstorming is involved. First, you get to know the product and its qualities, then research the market and competitors and start brainstorming. 

I always say that the best tool in my job is social media itself. The more you scroll, the more inspiration you can get. I find so many interesting pieces that inspire my own content.

Also, working with paid ads on social media is a tricky thing, but there are a few rules that help simplify the idea.

For instance, you have to know your audience and what works best for them. Understand how they live and what problems they have, and use your ad to try and showcase how your product can help solve them.

So, here’s the process:

My team conduct research and brainstorm ideas. After that, we film the content, typically in the office where all the necessary tools are available. If the content is more complex or requires English-speaking people, we order it from content creators, edit it, and then publish it.

I’m very lucky to have my team by my side. I am surrounded by creative, fast-thinking, and fast-acting people who come up with the best and most out-of-the-box ideas.

How to grab attention and create trends

Nowadays, everyone strives to express their opinion on social media, so we try to ensure they can do that. When it comes to organic accounts, you’ll always get the best reactions if you do something unexpected. 

We all love aesthetics and visually appealing video content, but the only way to grab the attention of scrolling people is to make them pause for a second and think — ”what just happened?” I’m a big fan of aesthetics myself, but what I’ve learned in this job is that what is beautiful to the eye doesn’t always sell or result in any reaction from our target audiences.

A very simple recipe for keeping up with trends is to scroll, scroll, scroll.

Also, you always have to know the context of the world. Take the “Met Gala,” for example —  it happened, and the next morning, everyone was buzzing about it. Who knows, if you’re quick and creative enough, you might even start a trend. Sometimes, the most unexpected videos spark trends, so luck definitely plays a big role.

A look into the future

Looking into future predictions, video content will definitely continue to dominate social media platforms. AR and VR technologies will become more integrated into social media platforms, offering users immersive experiences. 

The popularity of ephemeral content, such as stories, will continue to rise as users enjoy the temporary nature of these posts. Social commerce will become even more prevalent, with all the platforms integrating shopping features directly into their user experience. 

Influencers will fade away, and simple content creators will take their place. Everyone tends to trust someone who’s just like us more than a non-relatable, posh-lifestyle-living person.

Final thoughts

I’ve really learned that you can’t be too personal when creating content. What’s nice and eye-pleasing for you might be totally boring for your audience. So, you have to become one of them.

In addition, it really depends on the products and the psychology of people; if you’re selling health products, you have to know that people will be looking for them at the beginning of spring or right after New Year’s. We all have New Year’s resolutions, right? So it’s not only about marketing — I think the only way to be successful here is to become a bit of a psychologist.

You have to understand your audience and communicate with them. As a brand, it’s best to listen to what they want, sometimes even asking and creating a conversation.

And that’s it for now. I’m off to watch the sunset. I hope you’ve picked up a few useful tips from this article!

Oh, and by the way — maybe you have similar career aspirations? Check out our careers page, and who knows, maybe we’ll share a cappuccino someday.

Beatrice Saldauskaite
Marketing Lead of TikTok & Pinterest

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