The AI Detective’s Handbook: Deividas Norkunas on What You Need to Know

Jun 11
Kilo Heroes

Hi there, I’m Deividas Norkunas, and I’m the AI Experimentation Lead at Kilo Health. I’ve always been passionate about problem-solving, and when there’s no challenge to tackle, well, let’s just say I start looking for something to do.

Before this role, I worked as a Developer and later as an Engineering Manager. But my interest in AI grew, and I started exploring how it could benefit me and my work. After diving into AI solutions, I found myself naturally gravitating towards this position.

In this article, I’ll break down what my role involves, the pros and cons of AI for companies, and what’s currently trending.

A new role: AI experimentation lead

Let me explain a bit about what my day-to-day looks like. In my role, what I essentially do is take an idea and delve into ways to implement it using AI. It’s all about turning that concept into a tangible reality, you know? Experimenting with existing frameworks and seeing if we can take them up a notch with AI.

It’s fascinating how these unique roles centered around AI are popping up everywhere. Companies are really starting to leverage AI to their advantage, and the beauty of it is that you can make your products even smarter.

But here’s the thing, it’s a bit abstract. It could be about enhancing product features, refining business decision-making processes, data processing, or even idea generation itself. 

The real boon of integrating AI into idea generation is the speed and cost-effectiveness it brings. Because when you’re trying to innovate, one of the biggest roadblocks is always the lack of resources, be it time or manpower — you name it.

However, for now, you most likely won’t find my job title available in the market, even though AI roles are becoming increasingly popular. I think it all boils down to whether businesses recognize the necessity for someone to take on the experimentation aspect of the job.

You’ll come across titles like ‘Head of AI’ and similar ones, but there could be new titles emerging as we speak, given how rapidly these roles are being created. These jobs require a logical mindset, attention to detail, and the ability to think about aspects that don’t yet exist. If you’re not creative enough, it might be tough to do so.

The benefits and risks of AI for businesses

As time progresses, it becomes increasingly possible to integrate AI into every company, regardless of the niche. Sure, there might be certain areas where AI isn’t as advanced and challenging to use, but that’s just a matter of time (I’m talking months, not years).

I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate having their problems solved for them?

But if you were to ask me whether every business absolutely needs AI, I’d say it’s particularly crucial for small startups or medium-sized companies, because this is where the resources might be tight.

However, there are risks involved in relying solely on AI. You shouldn’t blindly trust it to make the final decisions without a second thought. Remember, the AI models available publicly, like ChatGPT, are learning from the vast information on the internet. Although private AI models are currently safe.

Here’s a fun fact: ChatGPT provided more accurate data when it was freshly created than it does now. That’s because back then, dedicated individuals trained it and shared valuable information. Nonetheless, as it started learning from the internet, it began to lose some of its accuracy.

The internet is filled with misinformation, which AI also picks up. It might mistakenly treat false information as correct.

But the public AI also learns from people’s queries. Hence, it’s not wise for companies to share sensitive information, as it could end up in the AI model, allowing others to access it simply by asking.

It’s like in real life — you should always consider who you’re talking to and what you’re saying.

Current AI trends

The trends in the AI world can be categorized into different sections, from the most used to the least. For instance, people are using AI the most for technical assistance and troubleshooting. A few examples of this would be improving code, translating, getting Excel formulas, sampling data, explaining idioms, project management, and so on.

Previously, you would have to spend some time doing these tasks, but AI has changed the game entirely. It’s lightning-fast with its responses, handling basic queries effortlessly, which frees up humans to tackle the more complex ones, saving time and breaking the monotony.

AI is also becoming popular for content creation and editing. This includes generating ideas, editing texts, drafting emails, writing social media posts, editing video transcripts, and various other writing formats. This is especially common in social media.

After this comes the personal and professional support category. This means people are using AI tools for advice, both personal and business-related, and even medical assistance. Also, for tasks like writing a CV, negotiating a deal, making a complaint, and motivating yourself.

It’s like having a wise friend who’s always available to help solve your life problems.

However, ultimately, adding a personal touch will always elevate the work of AI, and I believe that someday people will come to appreciate that. It’s all in your hands. The AI experimentation in our company wouldn’t be possible without me or someone else in my role. It’s about teamwork, not competition.
And so, with that, this article has come to an end. I hope you learned something new, and make sure to check out our careers page so that we can tackle AI together someday.

Deividas Norkunas
AI Experimentation Lead

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