Elderly Health in the Digital World

Mar 20 · 2 minutes

The newest technologies, in general, are more popular among younger audiences. But the digital health and wellness market has recently taken notice of a new industry vertical – Elderly Health.  

In autumn 2021, Kilo Health researchers analyzed 205 investment deals. They defined the key trends related to apps that cater to the needs of older adults.

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Investments to the elderly health

Investors weren’t particularly interested in the Elderly Health vertical in September and November 2021. But October was an exceptionally good month for this category. More than 50% of overall investments ($1.2 billion) were made in October. 

Digital health app usage trends

Digital health apps are becoming more and more popular among older audiences. They help ease the lives of seniors, caretakers, and medical professionals. 

We did some research to determine how significant is the elderly segment of our healthcare applications Cardi.HealthKlinio, and Keto Cycle. We are convinced that the elderly are getting more interested in the health management apps. 

Our data shows that more than half (51.34%) of all app users are over 60 years old. Almost half (46%) of people who seek help managing diabetes are also over 60.

Compared with millennials, the elderly are using digital health apps more often. In autumn 2021, people aged 55+ were taking on the app way more than millennials aged 25–44 years old. Over the period, the millennial segment grew by 30.96% and the elderly by 64.20%. Overall, the elderly group has grown 207% more than the millennial group.

Final thoughts

Digital health and wellness play an important role in helping people manage their health. An increasing amount of investments into the market means faster development of the newest technologies and solutions. That will ensure healthcare gets more accessible to anyone in the world, despite their age. 

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