Three Digital and Wellness Market Trends: Autumn 2021 (Report)

Mar 16

In autumn, 205 investments were made in the digital health and wellness industry, and billions were invested in health-focused startups. We made a thorough analysis of these deals and wrote a brief report introducing three digital and wellness market trends from autumn 2021. 

Download the full report here: Digital and Wellness Market Trends 2021

  • Money raised from investments in digital health and wellness categories dropped to $1.69 billion in November.

The investments were consistent in September and October. However, in November, the numbers dropped significantly. In September and October 2021, health and wellness startups raised more than $2 billion each month. In November 2021, the number decreased to $1.69 billion. 

  • A majority of funds in the health industry were raised in Series C and Series D investment rounds.

Startups gathered the most money in Series C and D investment rounds. These investments took place in the Medical Systems and Financial Wellness categories. The largest portion of the financing was raised by companies in Series D rounds during September and October. 

  • In autumn, the United States was the leader of investments in digital health and wellness startups.

In autumn 2021, only 5 out of the 30 biggest investment deals occurred in countries other than the US. These countries include Israel, France, Canada, and Japan. 

Read the full report here: Digital and Wellness Market Trends 2021 

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