Growth Mindset: A Fresh Buzzword for Gen Z?

Sep 13

I’d say that the surge in popularity of “daily routine,” “it girls,” and “lifestyle goals” videos on platforms like TikTok and YouTube led to a romanticized view of personal growth, learning, and self-care – both physically and mentally.

And perhaps we owe a nod to Gen Z content creators who, while sometimes conjuring ridiculous Shrek memes, also shed light on significant concepts – one of which might be the “growth mindset.”

Now, I’m not claiming that this is exactly how the idea originated. It’s been around longer than that. However, with everyone now immersed in the “self-care era,” it seems only natural to delve into it a bit more.

Moreover, it’s not just advantageous for individuals; it’s also a boon for businesses, employees, and CEOs. Let’s dive in.

What is growth mindset, and why is it important

So, growth mindset is a fancy set of words. But what exactly does it mean?

It means believing that your talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. Folks with this mindset tend to accomplish more compared to those with a fixed mindset (who believe their abilities are inherent gifts).

If you’re curious about my two cents on this (not that I’m a talent expert), I’d say that some things truly are inherent. Take math – I put in a solid 12 years trying to get good at it, spending evenings studying, but it never clicked. On the flip side, I caught on to drawing really fast, while my buddies were still stuck at stick figures.

But there is no denying that having a growth mindset is way more beneficial and even important. Please stop shouting at me, I am now explaining why.

Let’s take a look at a study: researchers checked out students’ brain activity while they looked over their test blunders. What’s interesting is that those with a fixed mindset didn’t show much brain activity when reviewing their mistakes. On the other hand, the brains of those with a growth mindset were actively processing their errors as they went through them.

In addition, *takes out a Gen Z vocabulary* people with a growth mindset are the cool cats who willingly take on challenges, go with the flow, turn criticism into wisdom, put in the hustle, and stay chill when things don’t click at first. It’s like having a laid-back attitude of bouncing back, doing your own thing, and having a lifelong love affair with learning.

According to some sources, finding someone who’s 100% one mindset or the other is pretty rare. We’re more like a smoothie of both fixed and growth mindsets. This mix tends to change as we go through different experiences.

How businesses can benefit from encouraging a growth mindset in employees

A growth mindset could hold the key to what businesses ultimately desire in their employees. So, what’s on the list?

A growth mindset fosters an environment where employees can push past their limits, brainstorm new and innovative solutions, and learn from their mistakes without fear of failure. This approach can lead to exponential growth, not only for the individual employee but also for the business as a whole. Imagine a team of individuals who embrace challenges and approach them with a “can do” attitude.

Having a growth mindset can actually make work more satisfying and help businesses stay nimble in the ever-changing world of markets and customer preferences. Companies with this kind of mindset are quick to switch up their strategies when needed, giving them an edge and keeping them competitive.

And, it’s all about the employees.

When companies nurture a growth mindset in their employees, they’re basically saying, “Hey, go ahead and tackle those big, tough challenges – we’ve got your back!” This attitude pumps up employees to keep learning, become rockstar professionals, and stay super adaptable in the wild world of entrepreneurship.

“Empowering our employees to embrace continuous growth and learning is not just a perk; it’s the heartbeat of our organization’s success. When our team members are free to explore new horizons and constantly evolve, they become the driving force behind our innovation and progress.”, explains Ilona Bernotaite, our Chief People Officer.

Simple strategies to cultivate a growth mindset

There are various ways you can adopt a growth mindset, according to our almighty internet. Here’s what I saw the most promising:

  • Add “yet” to your sentences: I don’t know how to ride a bike yet. When you add “yet,” you’re basically saying that even if you haven’t done something right now, you totally can in the future with some hard work, learning, and not giving up.
  • Change how you see failure: I’d say, “So what?” A growth mindset never allows failure to become a roadblock. Transform failures into chances for progress, as cliché as it might sound.
  • Understand the difference between mindsets: notice when you start to do things driven by the fixed mindset and turn things around.
  • Seek feedback: Feedback helps you improve and refine your skills, as well as learn from others. Learning is very important when it comes to the growth mindset.
  • Practice patience: Everything takes time, especially learning new things and developing a new mindset. It’s a gradual process, so practice patience.
  • Set goals: People always have something to reach for. This also promotes continuous learning, so make sure to set goals, and when you reach them, set new ones.

Moving forward – how can businesses promote a growth mindset for their employees?

  • Feedback loops: You probably already have them, and if you do, it’s a fantastic way to encourage a growth mindset. Receiving feedback helps employees learn and develop.
  • Mentorship programs: Senior team members or leaders can offer guidance, advice, and support to enhance the performance of other employees.
  • Model the behavior: This might just be the most crucial strategy. When you demonstrate the behavior you want your employees to embrace, it becomes easier for them to view the change in a positive light.

To conclude, we now know that growth mindset isn’t just a fancy term – it’s like a superpower for businesses, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone. Imagine having a mindset that’s all about not just caring if you win or lose but also having a blast shaking things up and discovering new ways to move ahead.

Now, hold on a sec. How about diving into the world of digital health products with this mindset? Swing by our Co-found Program!

And as always, thank you for being here, and see you in my next one!

Ugne Jakaitiene
Ugne is a creative soul who adores all things artistic — writing, reading, exploring new realms of knowledge, and sharing her discoveries with others.

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