Engineering Hiring Process at Kilo Health

Feb 3

Hiring processes can be draining. With all the stressful stages, it feels like one big interrogation. 

As much as we love crime documentaries on Netflix, we try to take a different approach and make the experience as smooth as possible. Here’s the scoop on how to ace our interviews and tech tasks. 

Application submission

It all starts with a simple click to apply.

Your CV is like your personal brand. Show us your true colors and let them shine, but don’t go too crazy with the polish. Just like in the tech world, it’s important to keep it simple. 

Trust us, we get bombarded with CVs every day, and the ones that catch our eye are clear, concise, and full of real-deal examples.

We recommend keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and attaching your GitHub, StackShare, or other profiles to give yourself a greater chance of being noticed.

When you’re ready, fill out the form below, and our recruitment team will contact you as soon as possible. Or just click on the images and contact them privately if you have any questions!

Interview with a recruitment specialist

We want to get to know the real you, not just the perfect CV. Feel free to let us in on your hobbies and interests. And when it comes to your past experience, don’t hold back. Share your biggest projects, the tools you’ve used, and your major achievements. 

And hey, it’s all about learning and growing, so don’t be afraid to let us know about any failures. We’re all ears.

Our recruiter will also tell you a bit more about our projects, what we do, and what we are looking for. So if you have any questions – let us know, we’ll be more than happy to answer them. The call will take about 1 hour.

Technical interview

It’s time to get technical and get to know you even better. Our interviewers will have some questions about your past experience and might throw a few tech questions your way. No need to stress, we won’t make you solve puzzles or advanced math equations. Just bring your A-game and you’ll do great.

You’ll also have time to ask us about our technical stack, teams, and work culture, so you can prepare some questions in advance.

This interview usually takes about 1–1.5 hours.

Test day

Last but not least – the test day task. We want to see your thinking process when it comes to a real technical problem we’ve prepared. It’s the perfect chance to get a feel for the kind of work we do on the daily and really get a sense of our domain.

During the first part of the day, you’ll be introduced to a task with main requirements and hints on where to focus most. It took Einstein 10 years to publish the general theory of relativity, so we don’t expect you to build something extraordinary in a day. For this reason, we’ll discuss all the details of how you plan to finish or improve your solution at the end of the day. And remember, technical skills aren’t the only thing we care about. We’re all about passion and a willingness to grow, so bring that energy!

You can choose to have your test day either at the office or remotely – up to you. However, we’d love to meet you face to face for you to get first-hand experience of how it is to work at Kilo Health. 

No need to prepare or download anything special for this test day. You will simply need the common tools you use to develop a project locally. However, you will definitely need a GitHub account.

Usually, this meeting is attended by the interviewer and your potential team lead (Engineering Manager), so after your test day, you can ask some questions.

What’s next?

That’s it! We try to update our candidates after every stage as soon as we can and promise to give constructive feedback.

In case you had a bad experience during our hiring process (we’ll do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen!), our recruiters are always open to feedback, so don’t be shy to share any comments you have for us.

By the way, last note: Our colleagues are all around the world, so English is the main language both for our hiring processes and overall communication.

Lukas Varkalis
ex Front-End Guild Lead
A tech guy who is passionate about building high-performing engineering teams and always cares about people. Lukas has launched over 50 MVP projects and can easily build one over the weekend. Loves to study design, data, and human behavior.

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