4 Reasons Why the Workplace Wellness Programs Need a Makeover

Jun 13 · 4 minutes

Your job might offer you a gym membership, access to a meditation class, or a healthy breakfast. Even though each of these actions is valuable, many issues might arise if the workplace wellness programs are poorly executed. 

Let’s explore the main problems and how we can solve them together.

1. They are not accessible

Are you someone who’s single in their 30s and spends most of their time in the office? Great, then the current system caters to you – and probably only you.

People who have time restrictions or live further away from the office will not get the same access to the typical benefits an office provides. Think parents with young kids, caregivers with sick relatives, people who have a chronic disease, or those who work remotely

A dad who has to pick up kids from school will not have time to use the in-office gym. An expert who takes care of her elderly parents will have to skip a team gathering to get home early. A remote worker will not be able to get access to healthy Friday lunch because they do not work in the office.

These people are left behind simply because they are not in the same space as other employees. 

We need to build a system where everybody can achieve their full health potential.

2. They are not exactly fair

In most workplace wellness programs, people get offered the same benefits even though they have different needs. 

It is inherently problematic because we need personalized solutions when it comes to health.

  • A fitness program that is perfect for a new mom will not be ideal for a runner who is getting ready for a marathon. 
  • A meal plan that works for a person with diabetes will not help someone trying to gain some muscle. 
  • A stress management program that makes sense for a firefighter will not be as helpful for someone who works in accounting.

All of us are unique – our health history, lifestyles, and habits make us who we are. And this diversity should be taken into account when creating health programs.

Personalized wellness programs provide fair access to disease prevention and management.

3. They don’t focus on disease prevention

Even if you offer health insurance to your employees (which is amazing!), it doesn’t solve the real problem. Most chronic health issues such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, or obesity can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle. 

For instance, cardiologist Robertas Pranevicius mentioned that we could avoid 80% of premature deaths from heart disease. But most of us visit the doctors when it’s too late – when we already have developed dangerous conditions and need to spend thousands of dollars on treating them.

Preventing chronic disease will cost less time and money. We all need to eat nutritious food, exercise, drink water, and avoid stress. Since we might be spending 8+ hours working, it creates the perfect opportunity to design health-conscious routines for every team member. 

4. They don’t come with a communication plan

Plenty of companies offer at least several health and wellness benefits. Among other things, they might include:

  • A gym membership or workout equipment in the office
  • Healthy snacks and meals in the office kitchen
  • Access to meditation, workout, and other classes
  • Private health insurance

Companies spend a lot of time selecting the right perks, but not enough time communicating about them. To make sure that everyone is using the benefits, you need to clearly inform every member of the team about them and actively promote them after launch. 

Life gets busy, and health suffers because of that. Since we all spend a lot of time working, it’s the perfect space for getting healthier.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 in 10 Americans today live with a chronic disease. If there is no unified system that the employee can use at work and at home, the chronic disease epidemic will spread only further.

How to create better workplace wellness programs?

I believe that digital health solutions complement and enhance the current healthcare system. With it, all your employees can access nutrition, fitness, and stress management programs catered to their needs. 

That’s why we are bringing Kilo Health digital wellness programs to business clients. It that will help businesses keep their people happy and healthy. And at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters. Plus, it will help you stay more competitive in the job market.

The digital health tools we offer can help you in plenty of different ways. Each program:

  • Gets easily personalized to fit the needs of each individual
  • Can be quickly accessed via a smartphone, laptop, or a personal computer
  • Caters to the needs of remote, hybrid, and in-office employees
  • Focuses on disease prevention through education and behavioral change
  • Helps manage health issues with lifestyle upgrades
  • Includes all the other wellness actions your workplace offers (i.e., use the in-office sports equipment for quick and easy workouts)
  • Provides multiple options for every health-related need, from chronic disease management to becoming a champion runner.

It also comes with a tailored communications plan that HR managers can use to promote the program and get more people onboard.

We are here to fill the gaps and ensure you get one solid partner for everyone on your team. Care to learn more?

Ausrine Cebatore
Head of Sales at Kilo Health
Strategic thinker and hands-on doer who designed an 8-month women empowerment program for 250+ students in Ethiopia. Loves to experiment and try new activities – from adrenaline-rich sailing or mountaineering to relaxed painting. You might also know her as a political radio show host.

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