4 Digital Health Startups We Invested In

Jul 5 · 3 minutes

Over the past year, we became the second fastest-growing company in Europe. A part of this growth came from our investments in other healthtech companies through the Kilo Ventures program. So far, Kilo Health has put more than 2 million euros into building a solid portfolio of promising digital health startups. 

Let’s review our key partners – and what they are currently doing.

Pulsetto – stress relief and better sleep

Pulsetto is a company that develops a hardware device for better sleep, anxiety management, and stress relief. Over the past year, we have made 2 investments into the company, providing the team with 550,000 Eur in total funding

Pulsetto caught our eye due to its ambitious vision. They are building a device that stimulates the vagus nerve, the highway that connects our brains with our internal organs. Activating this nerve encourages us to enter the “rest and digest” mode – the time when we slow down our heart rate, relax our muscles, and recharge our batteries.

Pulsetto has developed an algorithm that uses electromagnetic waves in 3 different combinations, creating 3 different relaxation programs. The device provides a safe in-home alternative to invasive surgery with just a few minutes of stimulation a couple of times per day.

This July, Pulsetto is launching its product – the hardware device and an accompanying app.

Tyler Health – optimize metabolic health

Tyler.Health combines a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and a mobile app to provide you with a healthy lifestyle coach. This personalized nourishment assistant tracks the way your body reacts to different types of foods and activities. Then, it provides you feedback in real-time. 

This way, you can use biometric data to improve your metabolic health via tiny daily changes to your diet, exercise, and sleep.

Kilo Health invested 500,000 euros into Tyler back in 2021. Since then, the company has launched the beta version of the CGM sensor and further developed the app.

Revolab – prevent disease with a home health test

Last year, we also invested 300,000 euros into Revolab, a platform that helps people keep track of their health with a home blood test kit. With this product, the customer can review their glucose levels, thyroid panels, complete blood count, enzyme markers, and other data.

Not only did the company manage to create the product in record time. Also, it had 100,000 Eur worth of pre-orders at the time of the investment. 

Recently, Revolab was working on advancing the product and expanding to EU and US markets.

Medical Score – get instant help 

However, one of the biggest investments Kilo Health made last year was providing 1.2 million euro funding to Medical Score. It’s a Lithuanian startup that primarily develops the Fleming digital health assistant. This investment came on top of the previous 1.3 million Eur funding from the European Union. 

The Fleming app offers a telemedicine solution. It provides users with a thorough symptom database, initial diagnosis, and health data monitoring service. This allows them to analyze the symptoms and catch disease early.

Another project that Medical Score develops is an AI-powered mental health assistant that fights the stigma surrounding therapist visits. It provides a safe and anonymous environment for people who need help but don’t have access to or resources for in-person therapy.

Would you like to join this rockstar list of digital health startups?

Are you currently developing an exciting healthtech product or have been working on established products for a few years but need some support? We are ready to become your strategic partner.

Kilo Health provides not only an investment but the full support a young startup needs to create the next big breakthrough in the industry. 

We have a strong technology, marketing, and logistics platform as well as tons of hands-on knowledge in the digital health market.

If that sounds like something your startup needs, join the Kilo Ventures program.

Kilo Health is a digital health and wellness company with over 4 million customers worldwide. The second fastest-growing company in Europe according to the Financial Times FT 1,000 in 2022. The company currently has 700+ experts, 30+ products, and offices in 7 European cities.

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