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We’ve created a variety of products in the health & wellness, fitness and innovation categories. We specialize in innovations that make health and wellness reachable for everyone.

Fighting the Good Fight

We’re committed to a healthier world, and we are doing our best to make a difference in the fight against Diabetes. We’ve created an app and online community to support and provide remote consultations to those struggling with the disease. Our goal is to make life a little easier on the folks who reach out to us and, hopefully, one day eradicate Diabetes for good.

You Name It, We’ve Got It

We’ve got apps designed by top-notch nutritionists that will guide you through many of the world’s most popular diets. Not hungry? We’ve got super-high-quality exercise tutorials geared to get you in shape and get you out of the gym. Something else? We have products that will whiten your teeth – and we even have one that will make it easier for you to use the restroom!

One of our apps became #1 in health & fitness category worldwide and #3 in the App Store US free category

  Love the extras by Brittni Gyubio

I really enjoy the activities in the app. You can learn new workouts and keep your eyes on your goal. I JUST wish it had a meal tracker when you’re not doing every single day of meals they picked. Variety is the spice of life!

  Amazing by Ritchard Oduro-Antwi

It’s already a week now, and to be honest, yesterday was really tough. But I didn’t back down! I feel light and energetic. I hope week 2 brings more success.

  The first step by Daniel Arana

This app is a really useful guide for calories/weight/fat control. I started using it in July 2020 (almost six months) because of my weight, and my entire life changed along the process.

  Lifechanging by Elena Brown

My husband decided to change our lives by purchasing this plan for both of us. I was so skeptical at first because we already tried out probably every possible diabetes management program in the world. Well done – this one I am going to stick to for sure.

InHouse R&D department – the place where innovative health and wellness products are born.


We Still Believe in Science

We follow science and are proud to listen to experts wherever and whenever possible. We’ve spent quite a bit of time in labs creating and testing new products that are destined to change our clients’ lives for the healthier and the better. That solution is researched and tried, again and again, all so that you get the best products.

Living on the Edge

We’re in the front and racing past the cutting edge. Physical products play an important role in helping our customers achieve their goals. Whether it’s supplements to reduce constipation or IoT devices such as smart scales, smart bottles or glucose monitors, we’re integrating them as a part of customers’ journey while using digital products.

And many more…