TikTok Performance: How to Hit Gold With Your Next Creative

Oct 21

TikTok performance manager’s work might sound like a dream to many. A part of your job description is to literally spend time on social media, watch content, and stay ahead of the latest trends. But TikTok is way more than that. It’s one of the many marketing channels that will increase brand recognition, show off your brand essence, and lead to higher sales – as long as it’s done correctly.

During my time working in performance marketing, I learned a thing or two about scaling up brands on social media. Here are the top 3 insights you need to know about TikTok.

1. Never stop testing the creatives

Creatives are different types of ads that you might see on each social media site. They can be seen as reels or stories on Instagram, infographics on Facebook, or videos on TikTok. 

If you don’t find a creative that resonates with your audience, you are basically throwing away your money. So that’s why testing different types of creatives is the key to success. Testing different segments of your target audience or various setups will not work without it.

How to test the creatives properly? 

  1. Identify the unique selling points of your product or service for different target audiences.
  2. Use these selling points to create clear marketing concepts.
  3. Identify plenty of different angles for each concept.

Let’s say you are selling sweet potatoes. The unique selling point of your product is that it’s a new type of potato that has never been on the market before. Other sellers offer only the old, boring, non-sweet varieties. Your creative concepts can come in many forms:

  • You might want to sell these sweet potatoes to bakers who seek out new flavors in their pies.
  • You could sell them to parents who want to have a new healthier treat.
  • You might want to sell these to high-end restaurants that wish to build a new flavor profile.

For each of these situations, you will need to create an angle. Let’s say, at first, you choose the bakers and their sweet pies. You might want to offer people to stand out with a new ingredient in a baking competition or focus on the community and remind them of the value of sharing. Also, you might choose to help people spoil themselves with a new type of decadent dessert or, on the contrary – offer a healthier low-cost slice of pie. 

For each of these angles, you might want to consider creating videos, images, or other types of creative content that will be distributed on TikTok. Try them out until you find a concept that resonates with your audience the most.

On top of that, I would suggest you:

  • Focus on the first 2–3 seconds of your TikTok – they are the most crucial.
  • Work with different types of talent, including actors and influencers.
  • Create only user-generated content – you will not go anywhere with a TikTok that is clearly created by a professional crew.
  • Use popular songs and soundtracks for your videos.
  • Try out the different filters and features.
  • Test your creatives daily.

Remember: Even if you have already found a winning concept, you will need another in a few days.

Kilo Health UAB Kilo Grupe TikTok team

2. Be the first to hop on a trend

Trends are an essential part of your TikTok marketing strategy. You must keep in mind which sounds, music, and topics are popular on the platform and try to find a way to connect them to the product.

Even the craziest ideas can bring outstanding results, so don’t be afraid to experiment and show off your brand personality. A great example here is the language learning app Duolingo. They combine trendy sounds with videos of the brand mascot and entertain people who love the unhinged energy of this brand.

3. Remember that you are going against the clock

The clock is ticking fast at TikTok, and you must keep up.

There is a joke going around that you can see the most popular TikToks on Instagram – the only problem is that they will get there 4 weeks later.

TikTok is all about the direct connection. You don’t have time for a 15-step confirmation process before launching a new video. The trend might die out tomorrow, and if you wait long enough, you will have an outdated piece of content in your drafts. 

Think of it like sending out a birthday card 3 weeks after the event – it’s just not going to have the same effect; it might even ruin your reputation.

As a performance creative, you must quickly figure out new creative ideas and combine different winning concepts to boost your results. Have a clear, smooth, and quick production and confirmation process with your team.

Does the TikTok performance marketing sound exciting? 

Join my team. I can promise you will have plenty of juicy creative challenges and not a dull moment in your entire day. 

What you can expect from working within my team:

  • You will constantly be researching new trends and jumping right on them.
  • You will be testing tons of creatives. All day. Every day. 
  • You will have a solid budget for experimentation – Kilo Health is one of Europe’s top spenders on TikTok. 
  • You will never have to worry about red tape. Launch fast, scale quickly, fail, win, learn, and repeat.

If you have any questions, please drop me a message on LinkedIn.  

If everything is clear, you know what to do:

Indre Kazinskaite

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