Have you ever thought that you could get a job completely by accident? For example, while partying at a club?

(No, I’m not talking about those awkward moments when you’re dancing and a guy comes up, saying, “Woah, you should do this for a living.”)

Friday night, crowded club, 2 am: I’ve reached my partying “peak,” so I go outside for a smoke. Vilnius is a pretty small town, so there’s always a huge chance of bumping into someone you know. And that’s exactly what happens – my old friend, Viktorija, walks past with a couple of guys I’ve never seen before. After a bit of small talk, I found out they are having some difficulties with the bouncer (he wouldn’t let them in).

Challenge accepted – the security guy was pretty stubborn, but after a few margaritas, I’m pretty good at negotiating, so I manage to get them in.

One of Viktorija’s friends was more impressed than others, and he goes, “Way to go! Viktorija, we totally need this girl.”

What’s up with that guy? I wondered.

And you can pretty much guess… He was the “Head of Chaos” – Tadas.

Just a few moments later, we were actually discussing the details of my job interview, which had nothing to do with clubbing; still, lots to do with negotiation (now, I’m dealing with customers on a daily basis – building bridges and relationships as a Community Manager).

The morning after, I wasn’t expecting much, but I got a call. I had my interview arranged, I went through the whole (more serious) hiring process… And here I am!

So, I wouldn’t say that there’s a moral to this story, but it definitely means a lot to me. It proved to me that personality can go a long way.

At that time, I was actually partying out of procrastination (I was looking for a job, but not really…). Apparently, I was developing the exact skills I needed for the job.

Also, you’ll never know what life is gonna throw at you… Especially when you’re dealing with people from Kilo Health.