Erikas started talking about this crazy startup he’s working at. How they have these amazing perks (food, taxi, gym membership, etc.) and how they’ll go to Bali in a few weeks. It all sounded a bit too sketchy, so I requested a meeting with Tadas (Head Of Chaos).

He told me even MORE crazy stories about the company, and I decided to give it a go.

My first week at Kilo was the week they left for Bali… It wasn’t too exciting because the office was half-empty. To be honest, it was even a bit frustrating – we had to communicate loads through Skype, the connection in Bali was horrible, and I constantly wondered, “What did I get myself into?”.

But then the fun part started.

During one of our talks, Erikas said, “It’s getting too complicated to communicate like that. We’re buying you tickets to Bali.”

I literally had one day to pack my stuff and get all the necessary vaccines.

Pretty insane, right?

I took a flight through Moscow, so I had to spend a few hours at the airport. I remember thinking to myself, “What am I doing??”. I mean, I was still a bit suspicious (it’s hard not to be when a startup suggests to join them on a one-month trip to Bali), but there was no going back.

So, I got to Bali, and they’re all pretty hangover from the night before… I say, “So, what should I start working on?” and Tadas said, “How about you sleep on it first?”.

Did we work for the remaining two weeks of our trip? Well, yeah, we actually managed to launch a pretty huge project there! But I definitely partied and explored the island more than I expected (usually, it was just impossible to catch Erikas in-between his surfing sessions).

Then, after two weeks of this insane adventure, we got home. Strangely enough, I really struggled to recover from the trip. I felt like now I need to give back SO MUCH. As if I’m responsible for paying back for this insane experience. I mean, I basically chilled by the pool and partied for a month – was I really worth it??

It got to the point where Tadas actually said that if I don’t chill out, he’ll send me out to a retreat.

After a few weeks, I realized that it’s all in my head. That no one expects anything more than just my hard work and long-term dedication. And I’ve been working here for over a year now.

What’s the greatest thing about Kilo?

The fact that you learn more in an hour than you would learn within a month anywhere else. I’ve grown SO MUCH as a specialist; I wouldn’t even recognize the person I was one year ago.

The same goes for this Bali story. In other companies, you would have to wait YEARS to earn an experience like that. But with Kilo, you always get a little bit more (and sometimes, even more than you think you deserve!).

They take huge risks, and I’m glad I took mine.