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Mantas Ratomskis

Head of Retention

I can tell loads of cool stories about my work in the Middle East or (it’s most likely that I’ve read what you wrote in your “forumiukas”). A proud three-time drop-out (from Vilnius University without the right to reapply).

I have OCD, and my wife calls me a high-functioning sociopath. Self-proclaimed Moriarty.

Your workplace will look like this

We are looking

For a retention manager.
This is not a technical position that is a part of marketing but a position that directly covers the post-acquisition phase. CRM & Retention is directly responsible for onboarding and the engagement of already acquired customers, identifying various customer needs and providing guidance, value offers, etc., harnessing multiple communication channels such as push/web notifications, onsite/in-app messaging, emails, SMS.

Get Ready To

  • Have empathy toward customers. You have to think as they do, understand the problem they want to solve, and walk an extra mile in their shoes to find the solution.
  • Be attentive to details. You have to see the bigger picture not to get stuck while solving the problem, even if it doesn’t bring any business value. 
  • Understand data and have the ability to formulate data requests out of assumptions.
  • Find patterns of customer behavior and react accordingly. You will speak in a personalized manner with a segment of customers.
  • Maintain a consistent mindset while creating communication funnels.
  • Be able to tell a story (storytelling mindset).
  • Learn, test, and question the status quo.

We Expect You To

  • Know the difference between push notifications and in-app messages.
  • Know why it’s not the best idea to rely entirely on emails. 
  • Excel in “Excel.” 
  • Be able to express yourself in a written manner.


Gross salary range is 1900–2900 EUR/month.

Talking about perks:

  • Work hard, party harder. We couldn’t handle to party every time we reach our KPIs, so we stick to approximately once per month. On the other hand, our office never runs out of drinks & snacks to party every day – can you handle it?
  • Day off cards. The headline says it all. You don’t need an explanation if you’re having a tough day or had a tough party last night. Though use it with caution!
  • Wolt for late workers. Got to stay up late? You deserve to order whatever you want.
  • Workation. Bali, Thailand — been there done that. Currently deciding where to go next, any ideas?
  • Gym subscription. We got you covered, just choose a gym!
  • Taxi budget. Whether you overslept in the morning or over-stayed in the evening, use your personal budget for a cab.
  • Fridge full of food. New ideas in the shopping list are always welcome. What’s your favorite snack?
  • Hot tub. We have a fire heated hot tub in our terrace to enjoy while waiting for a BBQ to be made.
  • Casual perks. Enjoy a starter pack with our merch, monthly office parties, games zone with foosball, PS4 & VR.

About Us

Kilo.Health is a digital business working in the health industry. Our main markets are the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & the UK. The company was founded 8 years ago, and it took a while to find our niche. Though we did it, and now we strive to be the leader in the wellness category globally. Don’t wish us luck. Come work with us to see it happen.

You Are Going to Deal With

  • Informal communication. We are not a corporate office – we are digital punks
  • Many mistakes, though never the same mistake twice. We experiment a lot since no one has ever done what we are doing
  • Digital products in the health industry which acquire thousands of daily new customers globally
  • Weekly new introductions. Our team grows faster than construction workers are breaking the walls to expand our office
  • Feeling excited already? It’s our daily emotion.

We want you if you’re the one we would reach the impossible with. Are you ready?

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We will spoil you with

  • Workation
  • Gym subscription
  • Taxi budget
  • Fridge full of food
  • Private bar
  • Casual perks

It will
happen here

Kilo Health HQ, Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius

It will happen here

Kilo Health HQ, Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius

Kilo Health