The guys start “drilling” me with all kinds of serious business questions, discussing strategies and ideas. And I remember thinking to myself, “Woah, these guys are hustling for real.”

Then, Eimantas said, “You have to join us. When can you start?”.

“Are you for real? What would I even do?” I asked.

Well, that became my first task. To figure it out.

I wasn’t even looking for a job, but I kind of felt like we were speaking the same language – like our business mindset, speed, and ideas were on the same wavelength.

So, long story short, I decided to seize the opportunity.

At first, I took on a sportswear brand. Then, I moved on to supplements. Soon enough, I became the director of a subsidiary supplement company.

Pretty insane, right?

Well, on my first day at Kilo, the outdoor patio was filled with people chilling on bean bags, drinking cocktails, and listening to music through giant speakers. To be honest, that “chaos” seemed a bit scary at first. I’ve seen many startups crash like that – they release a good product, spend all the money they’ve earned, and go bankrupt.

But Kilo proved to be different. After just a few days of working there, I realized that it’s all about balance. They party hard but work even harder. And that “chaos” is there for a reason.

When the Bronx was burning, the hip hop culture was born – that’s how I see Kilo. Good stuff comes out of it – new products are born almost every month. Even though it seems like all we do is chill, and those products aren’t empty either. They actually help people fight obesity, lose weight, and lead healthier lifestyles. I’m glad to be a part of this.

We work hard, we take names, we do “all in’s,” and we succeed. I’ve been challenged many times since I started, but everything is more than okay.

In fact, as we say in Kilo, it’s all MEGA MAX.