Workation @ Bali

When you first try to imagine a proper workation (aka “darbostogos”), you should see a magical place between hundreds of other islands called Bali. Imagine people daydreaming at their office terrace about achieving their goals and going to Bali to celebrate the results. At one point it looks impossible, but a few months later you realize “Damn, I’ve just booked flight tickets to Bali”.

Of course, we could get into details and describe every fun situation or beautiful moment that we experienced during that month. But that’s why people invented video, isn’t it? So, let’s keep it short – it was perfect.


From launching new products to sipping whisky and smoking cigars in the pool. From learning about new culture to being arrested at the airport. From vomiting because we were over-confident with ourselves to singing “Piano man” in the middle of nowhere at night.


There are no words to describe it. Well, we’ve tried, but it’s far from what it was like in reality. So just watch it. And if you feel like you would love to contribute to this amazing team with your skills and vibe, take a look at our open positions at the top of the page.


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