1st day at Kilo.Health

Hey, I’m Giedre – one of the freshest members of the Kilo squad. I’ve been taken away from my previous job (which I loved) after an interview that was worthy of a story. I arrive at Sapiegos Tech Park, and Dziugas (head of creative) says, “just enter Viskio Akligatvis in Google maps & it should lead you straight to our office. You’ll notice a hot tub and there’ll be fairy lights hanging above it.” To be honest, that sounded more like a definition of a cool bar I’d totally go to.

So, I enter the office and Tadas (head of chaos) greets me by singing & playing his guitar. I’ve been to numerous interviews in my life, but no one has ever greeted me with a song.


They tell me all about themselves, I tell them all about myself and I get hired during the interview. To be precise, they tell me a story about their Bali workation, about the benefits I’ll get to enjoy (gym membership, free food, taxify allowance, etc.), and projects I’ll take part of, so I go straight to the point and ask, “where do I sign?”.


That’s how it goes here.


The first thing I did after leaving my interview is what most of us do – I call my mom. You have to call your mom after an interview. That’s the rule. When she asked how it was, I said “It sounds too good to be true.”


After my first week at Kilo, I’m confident to say, “It’s too good, but it’s true.”


I already had a chance to edit and plan books, take part in loads of meetings, discuss strategies, and learn more about the products we’re selling. What I’ll make of this job solely depends on me – it’s refreshing to have the freedom to create a position that fully exceeds my potential.


The best part, I still see it as that cool bar – where drinks & food are free, and you’re surrounded by some of the smartest, nicest, and highly-driven people in the industry. There’s a bar, a piano in the kitchen (someone is playing it as I’m writing this), a foosball table in one of the offices and you can strike a Mortal Combat match with your colleagues in the “chill zone”. Drawers are packed with sweets, and you feel at home the minute you walk in.


It’s not easy to find balance between work & play, but at Kilo.Health, we/they seem to have that figured out.

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