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Džiugas Skrupskelis
Chief Creative Officer
May have communicated with aliens because his ideas are absolutely out of this world.

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The Head of Creative leads the Creative team in advertising and marketing various brands at Kilo.Health. The Creative team is considered as an internal shared resource team that helps kick off or support brands. The Head of Creative is responsible for planning company advertisements, monitoring brand campaigns, unlocking new marketing channels, and bringing innovative, creative solutions. To achieve all those goals, you will have 6–10 creative specialists working together with you.

Get Ready To

  • Create promotional campaigns for newly launched products together with the Marketing Manager(s). Usually, you will have 2–3 different products at once. 
  • Work with the brand’s team to produce new ideas for product branding, ad campaigns, and marketing solutions.
  • Hire, train, coach, and supervise team members. Collaborate with your team to create new ideas and concepts. 
  • Drive knowledge sharing between creative specialists – make sure you have regular catch-up meetings. 
  • Unlock new ad channels (e.g., TikTok, YouTube, etc.). Understand the channel and create a framework on how the advertising works there and what creative product would give the best result.
  • Cooperate with other departments to understand the big picture and to make sure your goals are aligned with others. 

We Expect You To

  • Ideally, you have started as a Creative Specialist in a marketing agency, then moved on to the Creative Director role. In the end, you joined the start-up world and gained some experience in e-commerce. 
  • You have a fair share of knowledge, as well as experience in digital advertising. 
  • Data analytics is your best friend. 
  • You could be described as a great team leader and a great colleague.


Gross salary range is  2975-4541 Eur/month


Work from anywhere. We have offices in the major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda – but in case you can’t think of what pants to wear today, waiting for your cat’s food to be delivered, or casually chilling in Tenerife – gotcha. Meet you at the Zoom party.

Talking about perks:

  • We will spoil you! Get ready for numerous perks: a fridge full of food, frequent community events (both online and offline!), an office gym and much more.
  • Not feeling like going to the office? Work remotely from wherever you want! And we got you covered for whenever you feel office-sick – monthly taxi budget will wait.
  • Bond with your team or just work and vacation on teambuilding and workation trips. All you need to do is choose a destination, kick back, and relax while we cover the rest. 
  • Take 5 extra DAYS OFF to recharge. Use them whenever you need – no questions asked. A healthy, happy, and well-rested you is the goal.
  • After 6 months at Kilo Health, we’ll ask you to choose a plan from the company-covered private health insurance. Cover all your extra health and wellness needs on us.
  • Get ready to create impact through progressive and innovative healthtech products with our quality over quantity mindset. Take it slower to create something better.
  • Freely initiate change, suggest new approaches, and skyrocket with exciting challenges in our fast-growing healthtech environment. 
  • Get ready to roll in our easy-going, inclusive atmosphere with informal and laid-back communication. We keep it casual, so please, no suits and ties at the office.
  • If you uncover a hidden super talent while you’re with us – we’re all for it! We’ll do everything we can to support your passion and help turn it into an ultimate career change.
  • Want to polish up on your qualifications? Join the Kilo Academy to learn from our top specialists or schedule a 1-on-1 knowledge-sharing session or simply borrow a book from our extensive library. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to share it.
We will spoil you with
Gym subscription
Gym subscription
Taxi budget
Taxi budget
Fridge full of food
Fridge full of food
Hot tub
Hot tub
Casual perks
Casual perks
It will happen here
Vilnius Tech Park
Viskio Akligatvis, Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius
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