Co-founder & CEO (Remote, Worldwide)

C-levelCo-founder & CEO (Remote, Worldwide)Remote

Your workplace will look like this

Get Ready To

  • As co-founder and CEO choose to lead one of our currently existing web, app-based or physical product. Or create and launch your own product.
  • Be responsible for the strategy, growth and overall success of your company.
  • Create, manage and inspire your own high performing marketing, tech & creative team. Also manage shared resources (HR, Dev, Finance etc).
  • Structure and follow product budget to compete with global players and grow ROI positive business.
  • A/B test like crazy & share your findings with other team members.
  • Act quickly and show your “can-do” attitude.

We Expect You To

  • Have a real founder personality. Have no fear of failing. Be ambitious dreamer.
  • Have experience in building and/or leading (un)successful products.
  • Experience in digital marketing is a must!
  • Be sharp-minded and results-driven.
  • Never kill the vibe.


The amount of compensation, the benefits package, and the working conditions are all negotiable. We are also offering an equity stake in the business unit.

Talking about perks:

  • Work hard, party harder. We couldn’t handle to party every time we reach our KPIs, so we stick to approximately once per month. On the other hand, our office never runs out of drinks & snacks to party every day – can you handle it?
  • Day off cards. The headline says it all. You don’t need an explanation if you’re having a tough day or had a tough party last night. Though use it with caution!
  • Workation. Bali, Thailand — been there done that. Currently deciding where to go next, any ideas?
We will spoil you with
Gym subscription
Gym subscription
Taxi budget
Taxi budget
Fridge full of food
Fridge full of food
Hot tub
Hot tub
Casual perks
Casual perks
It will happen here
Vilnius Tech Park
Viskio Akligatvis, Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius
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