3 Opportunities for Digital Health Visionaries

Aug 17

Last year, we partnered with Futurae Media and hosted the Health Tech Forward conference. It was one of the region’s first international events connecting digital health investors, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals. 

In 2022, our joint team is coming back with 3 initiatives to help the community grow even stronger.

So, how Health Tech Challengers, Health Tech 50 ranking, and the Health Tech Forward conference can reshape the ecosystem and elevate patient care?

Health Tech Challengers for emerging startups

Health Tech Challengers is a global pitch competition for disruptive startups that share our ambition to challenge the status quo in the digital health space.

You will have to prepare a pitch about how your company solves the global wellness problems of tomorrow. The applicants must be innovators in one of the eight tracks fostering the digital health revolution – Mental Health, Gut Health, Metabolic, Cardiovascular, Neurology, MSK, Workplace Wellness, or Clinical Workflow. The winners gets the equity-free money prize.

How exactly will it go down?

  1. First, we will invite startups that work in digital health to apply for the competition.
  2. Then, our jury panel will select the top applicants across 8 tracks.
  3. Next, we will invite you to pitch your company virtually or at the Health Tech Forward conference in Warsaw, Poland.
  4. Finally, we will announce and award the winner and the best startups in each track. 

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HT50 ranking for the most impactful investors

At the same time, we will begin the selection process for the Health Tech 50 ranking. It highlights the most impactful venture capitalists in 2022. This annual list defines the leading investors who are shaping the future of the digital health industry. 

We will release the list in September 2022. On October 4–5, we will invite the featured VCs to the Health Tech Forward event. There they will meet the most promising startups, network, and discuss the solutions needed to improve the state of digital health.

Our panel of experts will select the most impactful investors using multiple criteria, including: 

  • The number of unicorn companies in their portfolio
  • The investments into the most valued digital health startups
  • Adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals, among other criteria

We believe that investing in digital health solutions can bridge the gap between technology and medicine. It will be a crucial push the medical system needs to tackle future health problems. 

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Health Tech Forward conference for the industry game-changers

Save the date – in early October, all the digital health industry leaders will gather in Warsaw, Poland. 

The Health Tech Forward 2022 conference will celebrate the efforts of the leading startups and the impact of the most prominent investors. The event’s lineup features global digital health entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, venture capitalists, and government leaders. 

Together, we will explore the evolving trends shaping the future of health. Simply put, it is the space where the leading innovators meet the most impactful investors and policymakers to fuel industry progress.

The industry leaders will spend two days networking and participating in panel discussions, presentations, and workshops. All of which these events address the latest trends and developments in healthcare.

What will we talk about?

  • Health equity – How to ensure every person gets the care they need?
  • Longevity and quality of life – Where do we begin if we want to postpone the end?
  • Workplace wellness – What’s the key to a happy employee experience?

… among other things. 

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