Anyway, let’s get back to my story….

I was finishing up yet another long night shift at the bar. My head was buzzing with thoughts. I was angry. I was done with drunk customers. And I was done with being a bartender.

I needed something new ­– a new, bigger, better challenge. I felt so angry. I mean, “IS THAT IT? Is this my life?”

Every night, every day, complete and predictable repetition. Three years and 7 months doing the same job. This gigantic emotional buildup was like a dormant volcano that was about to erupt in my head. I was at the point where I could shake a cocktail and serve 10 customers at the same time, with my eyes shut… My typical shift would always finish at a very unsociable hour, 4 a.m., if not later.

But one night was different.

(Just realized that if my story was made into a movie, it would be a really cheap one.)


I served my last customers and was looking forward to finishing work and going home. My heart sank when suddenly, three guys appeared.

“Mums tris jėgerio,” they said (hah, a classic Kilo order).

“Are you f* kidding me??” I thought to myself (at that point, I wasn’t even trying to pretend I’m not pissed off).

From my bar work experience, I knew all too well that once I serve that fatal drink after closing time, they’ll just go on to beg for yet another and another one. And then, the next thing you know, you’re a prisoner in this place until late in the morning.

Thanks to this job, I’m a pro at reading people. It was a talent I sure needed many times.

So, like many times before, I said to my three completely drunk customers,

“Chėbra, aš jau baigiau darbą, nieko nebepilsiu, esu žiauriai pavargęs.”

I could have translated this sentence, but we want this story to be authentic, don’t we?

Anyway, instead of just asking these guys to leave, I offered the names of other pubs that were still open. With disarming humor, I said,

“I’m not just selling you beer or shots; I’m selling you priceless information.”

That’s a good one, I think. I should be in marketing or something…

Meanwhile, one of them, Tadas, said something nice to me, like, what an awesome and honest bartender I am, but that’s what most of the drunk customers do to make sure you just fill another glass with the bloody drink.

And then there’s always that one sentence, kind of like a punchline, that they use to win the argument.

“I think I have the perfect job for you!”

Yeah, yeah, right, I thought cynically to myself. Every bartender on earth heard that sentence. HUNDREDS of times.

But this guy, Tadas, went on to say,

“I’m giving you my number. Call me on Monday.”

Thoughts started racing through my head, making me feel excited with positive anticipation (and maybe some apprehension). But just like it goes with entering the lottery, I thought to myself, “I’ll never know unless I try.”

“We’ll meet on Monday,” Tadas went on to say, “and you’ll meet the other team members next week, now they’re going to San Diego.”

Little did he know; I was wearing a t-shirt with big, bold words SAN DIEGO written on it.

I flashed open my bomber jacket just then and exposed my t-shirt to the group. The expression on their face was priceless. They went like,

“Holy SHIT,” they said, “what a freaking coincidence!”

Or was it more like,

“Eik tu n*, rimtai, wow, čia yra wow, geras”.

I guess both are correct.

And that was it. A sign that we didn’t meet by accident. That maybe, it was destiny. Or maybe… just a drunk, insanely awesome coincidence.

Whatever that was, it was my story of getting a job at Kilo Health. I got hired by drunk guys in the middle of the night.

My name is Artūras, but they call me San Diego.

I’m the Experience Manager or “Chief Vibe Officer” at Kilo Health. My job is to make sure that everyone has enough white Russians or that we’re not running out of “tarczynskies” in the office. I organize awesome events, and I make sure that you’d feel welcome at our office.

If you just want to say hi or learn more about the company, you can just drop me a message at [email protected]

And by the way… My job still involves dealing with drunk people and pouring drinks. But let me tell you something… If you’re serving Jäger, make sure you’re serving it to the best people in town.