Something About
the Team

It’s not enough to be good at something. Be the best in your field and it won’t go unnoticed.

Product team

Eimantas Mikšys

Product Team Lead

Show us a whiskey he hasn’t tried.

Think Quick,
Improve Faster

Our team consists of highly driven entrepreneurs who lead their product as their own company. Recruiting the best talents in town since day one. Are you one of them? Come and prove it.

Keep Testing
& Sip Whiskey

After it’s all road-mapped and set in action, let’s dive into the barrels of devil’s share. Every Product teammate gets educated about some high-class whiskey by team lead Eimantas. Not that anyone is complaining!

Tech team

Donatas Benaitis

Chief Technology Officer

He’ll get down on the floor for some b-boy dance moves when you least expect it.

As Real as
It Gets

Our Tech team is the real deal. They crack every case handed to them. The good news is that the list of challenges is also endless. Because our devs are not just average IT guys. Their business-driven mindset plays a big part in building a highway for our products to succeed.

Be Careful What
You Wish for

Our IT team is fierce. Think twice before saying an idea out loud because we’re going to execute it in a minute. And if you have any regrets, we’ve got a few black belts under (so better think twice).

Operations team

Laimonas Žukas

Chief Operations Officer

Was once seen jumping rope drunk. Did better than most of us.

Said & Done!

The Operations team makes sure that everything goes as planned. From amusing employees to managing internal communication or figuring out which work-flow model would work the best for each team. From repairing a coffee machine to organizing a workation in Thailand.

Medics of the Squad

Imagine our Operations Team as combat medics in a business war zone. You may expect a cocktail or a painkiller, depending on what you need at the time. There are no words to describe the love we feel for our Operations Team for always planning three steps ahead to make sure that every minute spent at work is a pleasurable experience.

P.S. They will be the first people you will encounter when applying for any position at Kilo.Health. Try it for yourself & get ready to be spoiled.

Marketing team

Erikas Plotkinas

Chief Marketing Officer

The first thing that pops into our head when writing about Erikas is the thing we cannot say on this website.

Erikas Plotkinas

Marketing on Steroids

We’re marketing our products across a full scope of digital advertising channels, experimenting with top-tier marketing tools in the market. Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok representatives are on our speed-dial, so we get all of the news firsthand. Ready to jump in? We always need a couple of extra hands! 

Team First –
Ad Spends Later

Our Marketing team is an example of how monthly (or so) team buildings can improve the vibe of an individual team. From cooking gatherings at home to a wild party outside of town. Oh, and the Marketing team building is nothing without a custom made ice-cold Cuba Libre.

Creative team

Džiugas Skrupskelis

Chief Creative Officer

Known for his outstanding performance of “The Office” theme song in Warsaw’s club (and his face the morning after).

We Are the Client,
Profit Is Our Creative Director

There is nothing worse than killing an idea just because it’s too risky, dull, or some creative director doesn’t like it. We don’t kill ideas; we test them to let the results decide.

Wonder how it feels knowing that your Facebook ad was seen by a few million people worldwide, clicked by tens of thousands, and made more revenue per month than the average creative agency in Lithuania makes? Stop wondering – join us to experience it.

Size of the Agency,
Vibe of the Fam

No dramas, no backstabbin’, just a positive drive to collaborate for the mutual good. Come join us, we have cookies!

Support team

Eglė Kontautaitė

Chief Customer Officer

Stayed in “max villa” in Thailand, got out alive & smiling – it says a lot.

Never Settle
for a Maybe

Our Customer Support team will always make sure that every customer is happy. They will solve every problem in every language on Earth. From lost orders to helping with meal plans and motivational guidance.

Customers Do
Send Flowers

Even though some customers do fall in love with our customer support, we must act professionally and keep the distance. We’ve even received a video invitation to visit Ghana from one of our clients as a thank you for all the weight he lost! So… Who’s coming?